Co-founder / Chief Design Officer of L/M & Associates (2009 -)
Career consultant for R. Kelly (2012-13)
CTO of Assembly Hall (2015 -)

2017 — Master in Applied Arts, Dirty Art Department, Sandberg Instituut (NL)
2013 — BFA, summa cum laude, ESAAA (FR)

2018 — Shifting Class, GSUS Sindustries HQ, Amsterdam (NL - w/ Shristie Budhia)
2018 — Forking Paths, Mottattom, Geneva (CH - w/ Shristie Budhia – curated by Laurianne Monnier)
2017 — A Bubble in Epistemic Terms, Wet until Damp, KRUX, Amsterdam (NL)
2016 — A Trampoline for the Loosers, Butcher's Tears, Amsterdam (NL - w/ MAINTENANCE)
2016 — The Wandering School, M^C^O, Milano (IT)
2016 — WOW Open Air, Amsterdam (NL - w/ Assembly Hall)
2015 — Punctum Remotum, Punctum Proximum, Amsterdam (NL)
2014 — L’Exposition, ESAAA, Annecy (FR)
2014 — Turkuaz, ESAAA, Annecy (FR - w/ Groupe de Travail)
2014 — Frasil, Théatre National des Haras, Annecy (FR)
2014 — ADAMANTIUM, STMicroelectronics, Crolles (FR)
2013 — Supports Espaces, ESAAA, Annecy (FR)
2012 — Le Salon de Thé, Galerie-Salon, Annecy (FR)
2011 — INTERREG IV, Les Salines Royales, Arc-&-Senans (FR)

2017 — The Hill, Manufactured Sedimentation (The Raw, the Cooked & the Decooked Series 002)
2017 — A User's Guide (from Cloud) to Knowledge (The Raw, the Cooked & the Decooked Series 001)
2015 — The Desecration of the Ruin

Texts and high-res images available on request

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